There’s nothing like the taste of a homemade cake, or the smell of recently baked biscuits, or the face of a friend when you give something you have made yourself. In this course you will learn to make all different sorts of cakes and biscuits. We’ll have a theme each month, chocolate, vegetables, citrus fruits, coffee, an English tea, dried fruit etc. And the class will be in English so you’ll be learning two things at once!

If you are interested, come and see us at Dospasos in Bertamirans, or call 660 619071 or send us a mail using the Contact tab on the main page. We’d love to hear from you!


Wednesday: 18.45 – 20.15

Duración: 7 clases de 90 minutos

Prezo total: 105 euros, including materials, and you can take all you make home.

Profesora: Sarah Phillips